Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is a response to the blog spot Texas Insider article titled Texas School Board Injects Propaganda Into Curriculum. The Author Laura Driver argues five issues that the Texas School Board has been mulling around. I believe all her arguments are very well put. I also agree that there does need to be a change in the curriculum. All to often you see people trying to dictate what our children should or should not learn and nitpicking the verbiage in textbooks. I am a firm believer that as long as the curriculum displays indifferent facts on any subject they should let it ride. All to often now are people placing opinion in the teaching process of our young children. When a child goes to school they should learn cold hard facts.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cops, Criminals, and Lobsters

Why? Do you ask? Why? Cause its JUICY! Everybody wants to hear or talk about Cops whether they are; good, corrupt, fat, fit, lazy, over zealous, rouge, goody two shoes, hero or whatever classification you would like to put them in. Everybody wants to hear or talk about Criminals whether they are; murderers, rapists, cat burglars, or larcenists. Or once again whatever classification you would like to put them in. Lobsters, do I need to explain this? Yes, I’m going to anyway. CAUSE IN MY OPINION IT TASTES GOOD AND IS JUST AS JUICY AS A TOPIC AS ANYTHING ELSE.

What happens when it doesn’t taste good anymore? What happens when you’re the Cop trying to do your job to the best of your ability and get trumped by the judicial system? What happens when you’re the individual accused of a crime by an officer and labeled a criminal and wrongfully arrested? Even worst convicted. So many of these instances happen on a day to day basis and are taken and twisted in so many ways by media, and general population. In many instances some controversial subjects might not even get to the general public or media. Am I talking about the stuff movies and sitcom shows are made of? NO. I’m talking about everyday life that’s happening right under your nose in your hometown and in politics today.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety in 2008 80% of murders in Texas were cleared by arrest or exceptional means. The numbers aren’t that bad considering all the factors and angles involved in such a study. But what about the other 20% that have not been cleared. Granted you can’t win them all and some are probably still under investigation. Are the Laws we helped to emplace protecting some of the criminals or hindering Police from doing their job? Or is the Texas judicial system working just right in protecting the civil liberties of those involved? Who is to say? I know everybody has an opinion but is the opinion a justified truth? How about this statistic, in 2008 Texas Law enforcement was successful in clearing or solving 25% of all robberies that were reported. I don’t see how 25% is a successful percentage but understanding the complexity of the judicial system and the rules and regulations set forth as well as the statistical study, should that be acceptable? What about the wrongful arrests you rarely ever hear about when it comes to what some might say trivial issues? Do local law enforcement agencies that are sworn to serve and protect try to update or inform their officers so such arrests don’t happen again? All to often in my studies I am finding that there are gaps in-between our judicial system and law enforcement officials.

This editorial is not to spotlight the Police of their inequities or the judicial system. But to bring to light the gap that is forever in-between them even though they are supposedly supposed to be intertwined. Regardless of how we would like to think our system works. Once and awhile it will fail. Understandably so, is there a way to make it better? With all these questions at hand and statistics shown in the past to present can we fix ourselves? To worry about the more important things in life and not worry about who is using their Ipod while driving.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Responsible driving

On March 23, 2010, in a left leaning blog site called Capitol Annex, Vince Leibowitz wrote an article called “Debate Continues Over Driver Responsibility Surcharges”. The article is about the driver responsibility surcharge and its effectiveness since its inception in 2003. The surcharges are a small portion of the Drivers Responsibility Act passed by Texas lawmakers to assist in generating money for the state when Texas was facing a major budget downfall and make Texas drivers simply more responsible and accountable for their actions. The major question being, ARE THE SURCHARGES WORKING?

Vince Leibowitz is the creator and writer for Capitol Annex and chair of the Texas Progressive Alliance, a very savvy political writer and blogger. Vince Leibowitz’s argument over the Driver Responsibility Surcharge legislation being a failure is semi adequate. Very little of this author’s article is his own words. He uses news articles, direct quotes from State Rep. Vicki Truitt but more importantly hard numbers from an unnamed source. The hard numbers are the best argument this author has in hopes that the lawmakers ratify or in high hopes scrap the Drivers Responsibility Act along with the financial hardship it places on the people that can least afford it.

I agree with the news articles, politicians, Mr. Leibowitz, and the people who oppose the act. I believe it would be a mistake to abolish the act completely. Seriously ratifying the surcharges and consequences must be considered. I do strongly feel the Act as a whole attempts to protect the people from irresponsible drivers but the surcharge portion of system is so steep it keeps the individual in a system of irresponsible drivers and makes it very difficult to get out of the cycle. I personally have been caught up in this cycle for menial charges and find it difficult to break free. But life goes on, and I have keys.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Religion in the Class Room

Oh what a controversial subject! Religion in the class room! It took me forever to find an article with something juicy to talk about, In a local paper that was opinion and not pure news. In the Austin American Statesman there was an article written on Jan 11th 2010 by the editorial board titled Another trip down biblical lane thanks to State Board of Education.

I think the author of this article was trying to reach out to everybody that is concerned with learning in Texas’ education programs, or has children in the educational programs now. The author opens with the statement “It would be folly to deny religion's influence on history. Of course, religion had an influence on history. But then, so did weather.” The author gave many examples of influences on history such as religion, weather, indecision and poor sense of direction. Then goes on to argue how creating curriculums on such narrow belief systems would deny students a greater understanding of the world. Not only did the founding fathers create a constitution that grants freedom of religion but also freedom from it. How would the Texas State Board of Education be following the Constitution if they made religion apart of the curriculum? Besides only to educate?

In my opinion the author is correct. The evidence and logic was well played and portrayed to the public in a manner every open-minded individual can appreciate. All to often religion is misinterpreted, books misread and acted on, quoted or portrayed wrong. Leave the religious training or upbringing to the parents. If they want their children to learn religion they can learn it at church or in there home.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Renewable energy for Austin?

February 17th 2010 Marty Toohey wrote an article called "Council urged to pass renewable energy plan" for the Austin American Statesman. The author of this article briefly explains the proposed future energy plans for Austin and how it could effect Austin’s environment, economy, and your cost of electricity. The Austin City Council is to vote on the issues of cleaner energy for Austin some time next month.

If you’re planning on staying in the Austin area till 2020 I urge you to read this article. It might give you insight on what is up and coming as far as the clean energy, job creation, job deletion, coal prices, or a change in your electric bill. More importantly what the Austin City Council is doing for you.

When reading this article please think about the title of the blog spot “Revolution, Evolution or Revelation” and please comment on what you believe this article falls under. In my very uneducated highly opinionated mind I feel as though the efforts put forth by the City Council and Austin Energy is a good thing. First by creating a healthier environment for the future and attempting to lessen our ecological footprint. Even though it might be a small percentage every bit counts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a green peace, environment-loving hippie. I do my fair share of screwing up the environment in many ways; I wont post to the public due to harassment and or prosecution of government agencies. Second I also applaud the job attraction. That being said, where one new job is created another job is lost. Meaning the coal miners that supply the coal to the power plant might dwindle and the Individuals that operate and build the solar panels and wind turbines might thrive. In turn effecting education. Are the checks and balances worth the change, or so small in scope there will not be a loss but only a gain? I don’t know IM NOT SMART REMEMBER……………… all I care about is how much is that crap gonna cost me? Is it gonna cut into my ALCOHOL FUNDS???????????????